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Our PT Woody Chrome Beltline Kit encircles the entire Cruiser just above the factory beltline crease, adding the perfect accent! One of our favorite items because it just looks like it should be there. And when installed with one of our grill kits it has a conservative, yet attention grabbing look that appears to have come directly off Chrysler’s own drawing boards. If you do nothing else, you should install our grill and beltline kit. They set your Cruiser apart from the others.

As with all the products we manufacture the beltline kit is produced to automotive ISO9001 standards. The same application specific 3M attachment system and quality materials we use on all our products gives us the confidence to warranty all our products to you for three years. Our detailed instructions and easy to install moldings will let you finish your installation with ease.

Consider the black grill and beltline kits. Although color is a matter of personal taste (otherwise we would all drive blue PT Woody IIs, my favorite), the black looks sinister on silver and the lighter colors. Be different! Get what you really want. This is supposed to be fun!

Note: Kit includes material for both the left and right sides of the car.

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