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We refer to this as our “Woody” beltline, as it only goes around the hood like the ‘40s Ford woody's. Because the “PT Woody” kits only go around the car from the front doors back, we felt the hood needed a little extra accent, and this is our answer. It is highly recommended with the “PT Woody I” kit, and this molding was designed specifically to go with that “Woody” kit. That said, customers have requested this product and full beltline kits for use with both our “Woody” kits and have been thrilled with the results! You decide!

It, of course, comes with PT Woody's three year guarantee to you, the original purchaser. The “Woody” beltline uses our 3M attachment system and it is custom trimmed to highlight your factory hood ornament. It is easily home installed in about one half hour, its almost a necessity with our “PT Woody I” kit!

Also available in black.

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