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WOW! The HHR Woody “Wood” Kits are the coolest re-styling package for your HHR ride! The “Woody ” Kit is designed to replicate the early woodys with a “new”modern style. Unlike other woody kits the “wood” extends around the top of the doors and hatch area to blend in gracefully with the overall design, complementing the overall look and feel of your HHR. Our “Woodys ” have won numerous awards for us, and our customers, including “Best in Class” at the prestigious 2001 Detroit Autorama! The attention and “thumbs up” it receives on the street makes every day a car show!

Manufactured from high quality materials, Woody Wagoon’s kit durability is exceeded only by their genuine good looks. The “wood” panel material (simulated Cheyenne Teak) and the “wood” outer edge trim (simulated Santa Rosa Oak) is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. Our application specific 3M attachment system and quality materials allow us to give you an unprecedented three year guarantee on our “Woody” Kits.

Notice great curves...
and a real 3-Dimensional Wood Trim!

This is not just another “graphics” kit, or expensive, maintenance intense, “real” wood. The "Cheyenne Teak” panels are a heavy vinyl with and additional UV layer, and the outer “Santa Rosa Oak” trim is a proprietary raised quarter round plastic molding that covers the edge of, and rises above, the “Teak” panels. This gives your Cruiser a true 3-deminsional light and dark “wood” surface just as the original Woody's had.

All components are shipped ready to install. The detailed instructions consist of two manuals, text and photo, showing all the details of the installation. Also, tech help from Woody Wagoons professional installers is only a phone call away.

Kits Available For the 2006-2009 HHR!

Kits Available For the 2007-2009 HHR Panel Wagon!

The “Woody ” is guaranteed to you, the original purchaser, for three years! (Unprecedented in the marketplace!)

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