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Ford Windstar Styling Kits

Our new Ford Windstar “Woody” Kit recalls those great “wood” Wagons of the past. The timeless design and long history of woodies as the rugged work-horse was forever changed to include luxury appointments and comfort.

Our new “Woody” kit projects the same image while being even more exclusive than the original. The simulated “Marine Teak” panels surrounded by our raised, quarter round “Santa Rosa Oak” trim produces a true three dimensional effect just like the original vehicles. The combination of high-quality vinyl panels and extruded trim is not only beautiful, it is also maintenance free.

Notice great curves...
and a real 3-Dimensional Wood Trim!

The new Ford Windstar “Woody” Kit can be installed by your local body shop. All components are pre-formed, labeled, and detailed photo-illustrated instructions are provided. Also, tech help from our professional installers is only a phone call away.

All the materials provided are OEM approved and manufactured in North America at ISO 9001 facilities. The use of high quality application specific materials permits us to offer a 3 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

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